Mobile bidding is simple, fun and interactive, all while capturing donor data. Mobile bidding is quickly on the rise in today’s charity fundraising environments; it gives a spark of energy to your silent auction and makes Fund-A-Need easy by eliminating the need to have your volunteers race through your venue to sweep the crowd.

Silent auctions are slowly reducing, and even being eliminated from charity galas because they are so time-consuming, labour-intensive, with very low ROI. Mobile bidding gives your guests a fun, interactive experience with the silent auction. They will no longer trudge back and forth from their item.

Guests can drink, eat, dance and be merry! Many mobile bidding apps send notifications right to your guests’ phone when they have been out-bid, engaging and encouraging your guests to continue bidding – it’s incredible.

Mobile bidding makes the lives of your volunteers’ far more enjoyable when it comes to collecting Fund-A-Need donations. Imagine this:

The Auctionista has been on stage creating a cause-connect experience. There have been organizational speakers and a couple of your beloved clients have shared their stories with the audience about how your organization impacted their lives.

Your crowd is focused.

Now, BAM!

The Auctionista ramps up the crowd and you see tens of hands flying in the air to donate to your cause. Volunteers have designated zones, but you see them scrambling to collect all the Fund-A-Need forms. You begin to panic because you need all the forms so that you can announce the grand tally to your audience to garner more support.

All the scrambling can be avoided by using mobile bidding. As The Auctionista ramps up the audience, they could make their donations directly from their Smart Phone device – making the Fund-A-Need experience more streamline, cohesive and polished.

There are many mobile bidding applications available that can be customized to your event, offer secure checkouts, with awesome account management. All these things are important; but… think about what this could do for you and your dedicated staff, on capturing donor data and garnering stewardship and long-term commitments from your event. Mobile bidding opens so many different opportunities for your event, and your organization.

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