“Okay, so my first response was a little skeptical; “Really …? Improv for Fundraisers?” But working with Layne is very different. In the workshop we learned a whole host of new skills to build trust, techniques to help hone communications and listening skills all of which I apply on a daily basis. It certainly wasn’t like most Fundraising Training, it was a fun and raucous.”

Ann Rosenfield, MBA, CFRE Principal, Charitably Speaking


the LayneWay

A two hour, inspirational LayneWay learning
In a mere 30 minutes, you can make or break the fundraising goal at your event. Are you prepared to maximize that cause-connect moment? What is said, who says it and how it is said makes a difference. Learn the secrets of how to create a story that conveys the mission of organization with passion and emotion. Fund-A-Need the LayneWay teaches you how to inspire attendees to generously support your cause.

Auction Design
the LayneWay

A two hour, informative LanyeWay learning
A great auction needs to capture the imagination, generate excitement and open attendee’s wallets. In this informative masterclass, learn how to apply demographic insights to understand audience motivation; discover unique ways to increase participation; identify the best items for your auction along with the right timing in the show flow. Auction Design the LayneWay teaches the art, science and psychology of auction design to maximize financial support and guest experience.

Creative Control:
Improv Skills the LayneWay

A half day, transformational LayneWay learning
Would you like to influence outcomes with large and small groups, donors and influencers, staff and management daily? With the power of improv, learn to be charismatic in conversation, build trust and generate instant rapport with any sized audience. Most importantly, learn to perfect your performance skills and enter any room confident and prepared. In this interactive, fun-filled workshop, you will break out of your comfort zone while learning the secrets to improving your performance skills.

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Keynote/ Emcee

“Layne hosted our corporate event and interacted with our guests in the “Wild Wild West” and embraced the theme with attitude to outfit! We received very positive feedback from guests including this quote: “Everything was excellent and we LOVED the Host!”

Kimberly Buckley, SageComm

Layne's Fundraising Fast Facts

Videos and notes on the latest trends in auction design, what TO DO and what NOT TO DO when hosting an event and some highlights of my recent shows.


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