infuses events

with an "Attitude of Gratitude" to
Sell and

Masterful and distinctive performance
to make your event unforgettable.

You want a professionally delivered, strategically crafted and entertaining performance that expertly builds audience excitement and energy through humour and interaction. The Auctionista understands what it takes to touch hearts and souls, putting your cause front and centre.

With The Auctionista, you get:

  • a powerhouse performance on stage and virtually
  • Custom content developed specifically for your event and cause
  • A fast-paced, dynamic program blending your core messaging with an emotional appeal

Live Auction

Philanthro-tainment at its finest. Dynamic combination of live auction and masterfully crafted fundraising strategies to make your event unforgettable.

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A great auction captures the imagination, generates excitement, and opens guests’ wallets! Layne’s industry knowledge of leading-edge live auction trends and innovative on-site fundraising activities ensures event goals are realized. Layne’s live auction performances are unparalleled!



One compelling impact story. 11 minutes. Cause-connect created. Fundraising goal achieved. 

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Stories are vital to raising more money for your cause. 

Unlock your audience’s potential when calling upon them to raise cumulative donations for a vital program or defined need at your organization.  

Fund-A-Need (FAN) is a call to action; the event “mission moment” that will raise thousands of dollars in just a few minutes. It requires forethought and planning to achieve success.   

A strategically designed Fund-A-Need Appeal inspires untold generosity, drives long-term revenue strategy at your organization and will make your next event a record-breaking night. 

Event Hosting

Professionally delivered, strategically crafted and an entertaining performance that expertly builds audience excitement, energy leading to inspired giving. 

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Layne develops a running agenda strategy and writes custom Host Script content developed specifically for your event and cause; a fast-paced, dynamic program with core messaging and emotional appeal. Always count on Layne for professional delivery with invested brand representation and their unwavering natural humour, infused with “Attitude of Gratitude”. 

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Unlock the Art and Science of Fundraising Success
with expert training.

The Auctionista Fundraising Techniques provide a step-by-step breakdown to make the most of your events. Layne travels across the globe to educate non-profit staff and volunteers about the best practices for their efforts. Their tried-and-true strategies make up the magic mix and will change the landscape of successful fundraising for your organization.

Learn from Layne’s expertise to upgrade your fundraising abilities.

With The Auctionista Fundraising Techniques,

we are:
  • Moving the dial on philanthropy
  • Raising the fund factor
  • Bringing leading-edge trends to clients
  • Making our communities stronger
Layne, The Auctionista



How to build a cause-connect story and raise funds in under 11 minutes

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  • In a mere 30 minutes, you can make or break the fundraising goal at your event. Are you prepared to maximize that cause-connect moment? What is said, who says it and how it is said all makes a difference. Learn the secrets of how to create a story that conveys the mission of organization with passion and emotion.
  • With every Fund-A-Need, Layne teaches you how to inspire attendees to generously support your cause

Auction Design

How to understand the art, science and psychology of live fundraising

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  • A great auction needs to capture the imagination, generate excitement and open attendee’s wallets. In this informative masterclass, learn how to apply demographic insights to understand audience motivation; discover unique ways to increase participation; identify the best items for your auction along with the right timing in the show flow.
  • With the Auction Design package, Layne teaches the art, science and psychology of auction design to maximize financial support and guest experience.

 Improv Skills

How to break out of your comfort zone and learn skills to dazzle donors

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  • Influence outcomes with large and small groups, donors, staff and management daily, with the power of improv. Learn to be charismatic in conversation, build trust and generate instant rapport with audiences of any size. Most importantly, learn to perfect your performance skills and enter any room confident and prepared.
  • In this interactive, fun-filled workshop, you will break out of your comfort zone while learning the secrets to improving your performance skills.

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Choose Layne, The Auctionista
For the right energy to raise
record-breaking funds

“I used to be a non-believer until I met Layne, aka The Auctionista, and I saw the profound difference having a trained professional do a live auction makes. The key differences are strategy, professionalism, and funds.”
– Ann Rosenfield, CFRE , Executive Director , WoodGreen Foundation

“Layne is an extraordinary auctioneer … they bring incredible energy, passion and a flair for making auctions fun, fast and profitable. Layne has the ability to connect with the crowd, draw them in, highlight the charity and its needs and close the deal … I HIGHLY recommend Layne.”
– Mary McPherson CFRE, Vice President Fundraising & Chief Development Officer at The Arthritis Society