Transforming workplaces to be more inclusive, creative and productive.


Transforming workplaces to be more inclusive, creative and productive.

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IMPACT Workshop

Our training is foundational to any DEIB program. What clients learn with us will set every aspect of your DEIB program up for success.

It’s not a lecture.

IMPACT is an interactive and engaging experience that involves active training techniques, gamification, storytelling, role playing and group activities to bring people together and move them to action.

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What is DEIB?

DEIB stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Diversity represents your organization’s demographic DNA and your ability to attract and retain employees from different nationalities, ethnic groups, gender identities, socio-economic backgrounds, education levels and lived experience.

Equity involves hiring, promotion, development, learning and engagement strategies and how they work to correct for historic disadvantages and even the playing field moving forward.

Inclusion is seen in how companies proactively integrate each team member into their organization in effective and authentic ways.

Belonging is the end goal of the three. If DEI are accounted for, employees will feel a sense of belonging which results in increased productivity and retention.

Why you need it

Research from McKinsey shows diverse and inclusive companies tend to be more profitable. They also show greater creativity and innovation.

Investing in DEIB helps companies be more adaptable. Harvard reported that every 0.1-point improvement in DEIB ratings for a company (on a 5-point scale) was linked to a corresponding 13% increase in the absolute change-power score on average. Previous research has found change power to be associated with a 2X improvement in EBIT margins, 2X in total shareholder return, and 1.5-3X in revenue growth.

Gender balance is a big business opportunity, with huge economic implications.

-Harvard Business Review

At the end of the learning series, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and understand the concept of gender identity and be gender informed.
  • Understand the reality of a 2SLGBTQ+ individual and be able to see things from a different perspective.
  • Demonstrate appropriate language including pronouns and create an understanding of their importance to someone who identifies as non-binary.
  • Commit to effective workplace allyship so that all individuals can be their authentic selves.

Each module will employ small and large group discussion, quiet reflection, role-playing, active listening, and the space to practice learned concepts. Modules will employ visual, auditory,
and kinetic techniques to ensure that all participants can contribute in a way that is comfortable for them.


This workshop will motivate individuals to be more inclusive, accepting and understanding. Layne will change the way your company looks at DEIB through education and by fostering open dialogue around gender barriers and misconceptions in the workplace.

Module I: Understanding Concepts & Definitions

At the end of this learning event, participants will:

  • Be comfortable explaining the various terms, definitions, and language related to gender identity, DEIB and 2SLGBTQ+
  • Become gender informed
  • Understand the reality of a 2SLGTBQ+ individual

Module II: Learning Inclusive Behaviour

At the end of this learning event, participants will:

  • Identify and recognize inclusive workplace behaviour
  • Demonstrate appropriate language including pronoun use
  • Be better equipped to showcase empathy

Module III: Practicing Active Allyship

At the end of this learning event, participants will:

  • Be cape of outlining effective workplace allyship
  • Be equipped with the skills to employ active allyship in the workplace

Why Layne?

Layne is a compelling speaker and workshop leader. When delivering keynote addresses, speeches, and workshops, Layne takes participants on a compelling journey of self-discovery. Their interactive and engaging experiences involve storytelling, role playing and group activities that bring people together and move them to action. By stimulating open dialogues and breaking down barriers, Layne fosters understanding, while providing support and education for 2SLGBTQ+. In granting participants permission to fail, Layne builds trust. This encourages people to take the necessary risks required to drive change, creating a more compassionate and kinder world. Driven by an unyielding commitment to dismantle prejudices and foster understanding, Layne’s, infectious energy and deep-rooted belief in human potential have touched countless lives. An advocate for social impact, their work as The Auctionista has raised over $40 million for charity. They champion the idea that no challenge is insurmountable, and no dream is unattainable.


We said it before and we’ll say it again… It’s Not A Lecture

Layne focuses on making everyone feel at ease and part of the workshop. They take away fear and put the focus on the desire to do better.

In this three-part learning series, Layne fosters open dialogue through edu-tainment, and a variety of active training techniques. It’s accessible, fun, memorable, and actionable.


Using humour, emotionally charged story-telling, and active training techniques, the learning series will engage, entertain, educate, and empower participants, elevating their competency of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The IMPACT Workshop will provide practical and tangible concepts that participants can immediately implement to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for all individuals.