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Keynote Speaker, The Auctionista, Creator of the IMPACT Workshop

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Keynote Speaker, The Auctionista, Creator of the IMPACT Workshop


Layne, The Auctionista, speaking on stage


Looking to have Layne at your speaking engagement?

Whether it’s a Keynote presentation, Workshop or Training session; Layne motivates the world to be kinder with comedy, emotionally-charged storytelling and education.

As a thought-leader and barrier-crushing entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, Layne delivers presentations that motivate and activate audiences to be the best version of themselves.

IMPACT Workshop

A Catalyst For Positive Change

A DEIB workshop that will motivate individuals to be more inclusive, accepting and understanding. Layne will change the way your company looks at DEIB through education and by fostering open dialogue around gender barriers and misconceptions in the workplace.


Learn more about the IMPACT Workshop by clicking here

Dynamic and Professional Emcee


With quick wit, a deep understanding of event dynamics and an exceptional ability to read any audience, Layne’s hosting skills guarantee seamless segments. Layne energizes, and naturally connects with audiences, keeping them feeling excited to be part of the experience.

Layne’s professionalism, charm and effortless humor captivates guests from start to finish, ensuring your event is both memorable and engaging.

Elevate your event by combining Layne’s exceptional hosting skills with additional services like panel discussions, Q&A sessions, or keynote presentations. With Layne at the helm, your event is destined for success.


What is philanthro-tainment? It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

Layne’s dynamic performance-based approach makes your Virtual or Live Event entertaining, captivating and fun — while keeping the cause at the heart of your event.

With a passion for fundraising and a magnetic stage presence, Layne takes philanthropy to the next level to ensure you raise top dollar at your fundraising event.



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