Building Your Event Team Part II: Event Management

Imagine 400 supporters in one room. The focus is on your organization. The table is set: a room full of delighted donors to connect with, steward and influence. How many times a year is there an opportunity like this? For many organizations I work with there is one MAJOR opportunity: Gala night.

Here’s what I know: Planning a major event is a fulltime gig. For front-line fundraisers, those hours are stacked on top of regular day-to-day fundraising activities and responsibilities.

The last 12 months have been spent planning. It’s been a long, tiring road and there is no time to stop because – BOOM – it’s event week. And guess who’s running the show? Well, the fundraiser, of course!

Event day is an 18 hour+ day with a million moving parts:

  • Décor and Catering Coordination
  • Entertainment/Talent Management
  • Event Logistics/Show Flow Management
  • Technical Production Management
  • Registration & Check Out Management
  • Volunteer Management

Sound familiar?

Visualize this: ALL event day management and logistics tasks have been off-loaded.

Including professional event management services in the budget right from the get-go means no more worrying about The Talent Rider, and whether the “soy-latte-triple-hot-macchiato-with-a-twist of pomegranate” has been delivered to the Green Room. Not a thought about whether the MC is “in the house” or if salads will be placed at 7:12 pm sharp.

It’s done. Looked after. The pro’s have you covered!

You are now cleared for take off! Physically and mentally refreshed and ready to roll!

Your PRIME focus becomes connecting with every guest; engaging in meaningful conversations and building relationships. This is your opportunity; your one BIG night to make an impact on a full house of supporters. It’s game time!

Surround yourself with Event Experts; top notch talent front-of-house and back-of-house so you can focus on what YOU do best!